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My MAPE is begative

Help my MAPE is negative!

I have heard frequently calls for help saying MAPE is high or other complaints saying MAPE is unreliable. Recently we encountered two situations where the calculated MAPE and even the WMAPE were negative. When...


Bull-whipping or driving the Demand?

  Bullwhip effect is a phenomenon of demand being overestimated or underestimated as it passes through various stages of supply chain resulting in exaggerated supply fluctuations. The increased variability in demand at successive stages...

Business growth

Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting – 2 Day workshop May 21 & 22 in Boston, MA

uring the Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting workshop in Boston, we will be discussing the demand planning challenges in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Industrial, Food and Beverage and Consumer Goods companies. We will present demand planning process solutions from our knowledge base of consulting experience.